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About us

We form part of the MONDRAGON Corporation and are the springboard company for all its comprehensive healthcare purchasing and logistics activities.

It forms part of the MONDRAGON Corporation and is the springboard company for all its comprehensive health purchasing and logistics activities.

SHS has a services catalogue exclusively geared to the health market.

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Logistics Platforms

For SHS, healthcare logistics means managing the supply and distribution flows to ensure product availability and cater to the requirements of the centres of activity.

SHS creates and manages healthcare logistics platforms which aim to bring together healthcare materials logistics in one single structure, from which the materials are distributed to the consumption points for the different services, increasing efficiency through cost reduction and optimisation of resources.

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Hospital Logistics

SHS's management model allows optimisation and automation of logistics processes and logistics professionalisation, so that the necessary material can be efficiently supplied to the right place at the right time.


Purchasing Healthcare

Our analysis methodology allows us to identify improvement opportunities in each particular case, to efficiently manage the purchasing and procurement area.

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