Hospital Logistics

The aim of hospital logistics is to supply the necessary material, exactly when and where required, and to do so efficiently, i.e. at the lowest possible cost.

With the aid of our team of expert hospital logistics professionals, we control the entire flow of information and products, from material needs capture at the Health Centres to replenishment and final material delivery at the consumption point. SHS's proposed management model allows optimisation and automation of logistics processes and logistics professionalisation.

SHS provides the following services in this area:

  • Analysis and management of general warehouses and departments with stock management.
  • Volumetrics and assembly of storerooms on wards.
  • Intra-hospital logistics.
  • Integral logistics management.
  • Creation, set-up and comprehensive management of health logistics platforms.


  • Logistics process optimisation and automation.
  • Logistics professionalisation.
  • Error elimination.
  • Consumption control and reduction.
  • Optimised stock.
  • Less stock-outs.
  • Freeing up of health centre space.
  • Shorter delivery times.